About Acupuncturist: Claire Leyla Pettyfer

I graduated from The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in February 1999 gaining my Licentiate in Acupuncture. This then qualified me to become a member of the British Acupuncture Council, the professional body for acupuncturists in the UK.

I have been in private practice in Winchester for years and I am trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture.

I am passionate about Chinese Medicine as it provides a medical system which gives the practitioner the tools to treat all aspects of a person’s mental, emotional and physical health. I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment where you will experience high levels of ethical, hygienic and professional conduct.

I live in the Winchester area with my family.

Who has traditional acupuncture?

Many people use acupuncture for help with specific symptoms or conditions. Others choose acupuncture as a preventive measure to strengthen their constitution or because they just feel generally unwell. Acupuncture is considered suitable for all ages including babies, children and the elderly. It can be very effective when integrated with conventional medicine.

How can traditional acupuncture you?

Acupuncture is widely considered to be beneficial for a range of illnesses and symptoms, from clearly defined complaints to more general feelings of ill health and low energy. Take a look at our research fact sheets to find out more about how traditional acupuncture can help you.

How many sessions will you need?

That depends on your individual condition. At first your acupuncturist will normally ask to see you once or twice a week. You may start to feel benefits after the first or second treatment although long-standing and chronic conditions usually need more time to improve. Once your health has stabilised you may need top-up treatments every few weeks. Traditional acupuncture is also very effective when used as preventive healthcare and many people like to go for a 'retuning' session at the change of each season throughout the year.

How will you feel after a treatment?

You are likely to feel relaxed and calm. If the treatment has been particularly strong you may feel tired or drowsy and it is worth bearing this in mind if you plan to drive or use any other machinery soon afterwards.

Should you tell your doctor that you're having acupuncture?

If you are currently receiving treatment from your doctor it is sensible to mention that you plan to have acupuncture. Your acupuncturist will need to know about any medication you are taking as this may affect your response to the acupuncture treatment.

What does it feel like?

Most people find acupuncture to be very relaxing. Patients often describe the needle sensation as a tingling or dull ache. This is one of the signs the body's qi, or vital energy, has been stimulated.

Client Testimonials

"I first came to Layla six years ago for help with a particularly bad bout of sinusitis. Despite my initial scepticism, I found that acupuncture immediately alleviated my symptoms. Since then, regular treatment has undoubtedly led to a long-term improvement in my condition.

Layla also treated me during a cycle of IVF in 2003. Through acupuncture, she helped me to prepare physically and mentally for the procedure. I firmly believe that it was this treatment that helped me to achieve a successful pregnancy, leading to the birth of my second child.

Layla is a true professional. Always caring and approachable, she takes the time to get to know you and to treat the whole person. She is extremely knowledgeable and the health and lifestyle guidance that she has given me over the years has been invaluable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Layla to others and have already directed several of my friends to her practice over the last few years"

Katie Scott

"I started seeing leyla over two years ago and she has changed my life and normalised me totally. Seeing leyla is a highlight of my week and I feel that she is my lovely calm friend who sorts me out!. I always leave her feeling healthier, relaxed and motivated. I can highly highly recommend her. Thank you leyla!"

Sophie Denby

I suffered from ME/CFS for about two and a half years and had tried everything, but nothing worked for me. My sister introduced me to Leyla after being treated herself, and was open minded about undergoing acupuncture.

I took around six or seven sessions to have an effect but then it kicked in and I felt that I turned a corner and haven't looked back since. Leyla has been very caring and supportive and understands ME/CFS well. I'm now down to a treatment session every three weeks, and would highly recommend acupuncture to assist on the journey to recover from ME/CFS.

Many thanks to Leyla for her support and understanding.

Claire Barber